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A little about us... Redditch Karate is part of The Japan Karate-do International (J.K.I.England)   is devoted to the study of traditional Japanese karate

 Our members receive some of the highest quality Shotokan instruction in the World,

First impressions of Karate  are of a noisy, aggressive martial art. Karate is certainly dynamic, but a little study will soon reveal a high level of skill and concentration, together with a grace and physical agility that any choreographer would appreciate. Students are from all walks of life and of any age.


Karate may be safely practised by men, women and children of all ages


Interested in joining, but not sure if karate is right for you? why not try a  taster sessions ,    for details click onto are Inquiry form, or simply contact usdirect,details can be found on our Beginners linkt.Come in for practice and see what it's all about! No prior  experience is necessary.

Everbody is welcome to join Redditch Karate


Listed are A few of the Many benefits, of belonging to  Redditch Karate: 

  • Dan grade recognized by The Japan Karate-do International

  • Regular access to Top Japanese Instruction

  • Our Senior Instructors are highly skilled and with many years experience and are  internationally renowned .


How to Start Karate @ Redditch Karate


You are welcome to observe any of the redditch karate  classes without prior appointment. If you have any questions please speak to the instructor, before or after the class.

 classes start at 7pm - 8.30 Thursday     6.45 - 8.15 Monday


Guests are always welcome Regardless of Style or Affiliation








Ring Now on: 01386 793160



Redditch Shotokan Karate

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